Why it is a great idea to partner with Joshua Project

  1. Partnering with a non profit organization increases public relations and a general feeling of goodwill toward your company.
  2. Partnering with non profit organizations gives your business a way to reach out to the local community. Your business can contribute to the greater good and help many vulnerable children and youth in Jeffreys Bay, just by joining forces with Joshua Project which is a community based project situated in Pellsrus.
  3. Tax benefits: There are tax breaks for donating money to a charitable cause.
    • The Joshua Project is accepted as such a project in the Ninth Schedule to the Act – as we are covered by at least 6 of the elements listed in this act.
    • The Joshua Project is a registered non-profit organization, registration number: 1998/007990/08 serving the vulnerable children and youth within our community with certified public benefit number 18/11/13/329.

It would be greatly appreciated if you as a local company would consider a partnership with us.

Information about the project

Information regarding our activities, programs and so forth are available on this website. You are also welcome to  download our Information flyer.

Contact us

If you have any queries or require any additional information as to how you can be of valuable assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.