About us

What is the Joshua Project?
The Joshua Project is a safe haven for vulnerable children and children living on the street in Jeffreys Bay since  1998. The project functions as a drop-in centre for the children where they receive love, support, education, and training.

Our name:
The name Joshua means: ‘God saves’ and serves as a constant reminder to us that God alone can save the children at risk in our community. We can only serve as a place of refuge where these children can come to receive acceptance and support in a caring environment provided by people who are passionate about kids and believe that they also should have hope for a better future.

Our Project Focus:
Our project’s focus is to MEND vulnerable children and youth at risk, i.e.
– M = Mentoring
– E  = Educating
– N = Nurturing
– D = Discipling

Our facilities:
Today the project owns a building containing offices, classrooms, a kitchen, ministry and child care rooms, ablution facilities and a skills development  centre. Here the children daily receive food, education, spiritual care and the opportunity to develop their skills.

 What are we doing at the Joshua Project every day?
– We nurture vulnerable children and youth by providing them with physical and emotional care.
– We educate and provide skills development opportunities to vulnerable children and youth.
– We mentor and disciple vulnerable children and youth through various activities.

Through consistent relationships and education-based programs, we seek to help these children and youth to realize and develop their unique talents; to become healthy, responsible adults and a productive part of the work force and community; and most importantly, to discover their value as a child of God created for a specific purpose.